Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living the dream...

I wrote this the day I was interviewed by Cape Cod Magazine. The June issue is on newsstands now and I’m featured in the “Last Word” column on the last page.

Come on, people. Cape Cod Magazine. It’s a staple in every guest bathroom from Sandwich to Ptown. Lord knows I have my obligatory stack dating back to the mid 90s. Before I moved to the Cape year round, the magazine served as a lifeline. Each summer here, I’d pick one up, take it home, then spend the winter daydreaming, perusing the real estate in the back, and the Cape-y things advertisers were selling. I used to envy the local artists, craftsmen and business owners who were featured, people who had found a way to live the dream.

Newsflash. It appears that I’m living the dream. Though the dream is probably never as dreamy as one might imagine. There are still bills to pay, weeds to be pulled and stuff that needs to be carted off to the dump.

Still, sometimes it takes seeing your life in glossy pages to gain some perspective. Years ago, I envisioned myself living and writing here and now I am. This afternoon I took Kiele for a walk through the woods to the end of Weeset. There was a layer of fog over the water so that you couldn’t see the horizon or even the backside of Nauset Beach. The inlet was still and the sea melted into the sky. As I stood there, the sun broke through the clouds and the light was indescribable, like mercury. I stood there a minute more. Because I could.

I guess I’m living the dream.

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