Monday, July 12, 2010

Eau de Lobster

This weekend I joined some friends on the outer beach for a clambake. Aside from the much-needed rain that pelted us for about an hour, and how, when it finally stopped, the gnats attacked, in my opinion it’s still the best restaurant in town.

Of course, after such a primitive feast, you come home sticky and sand-coated, with very big hair, cheeks plastered with corn kernels and lobster goo. It isn't pretty. With nothing but seawater to use to wash up, I’m guessing I didn’t smell so great either.

Then again, maybe I did. Enter Demeter’s Lobster Cologne, “not for the faint of heart. Probably our most obtuse fragrance but it is ‘dead on’ so to speak….a combination of the sea, sweet meat, and a hint of drawn butter.”

Dab a little behind the ears and you’re good to go. I’m not sure where but come the dead of February, when I start longing to be out on the beach on a balmy, moonlit night with a plate of red claws on my lap, I just might need to give this a shot.

(Other notable scents: Cocktail Party To Go, Crayon, Glue, Suntan Lotion, Between The Sheets and Daddy’s Little Helper…can’t even begin to go there on the last one.)

Thanks for the link, Linda!


Jessica said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Demeter fragrances! (Now there's a shocker, huh?) When my BFF left RI to go to grad school for archaeology, I got her the "Dirt" one. For years I wore "Ocean." I MUST have this! Stuff's a lot cheaper than it was 10 years ago, so I see a buying spree coming on! ("Laundromat" smells like hot dryer sheets!)

Lynn Kiele Bonasia said...

Ok, but Daddy's Little Helper? That's downright creepy!! Christmas in NY, Clean Windows and Earthworm I get. Well, sort of.