Thursday, March 3, 2011

To spring for the dress or not to spring for the dress.

I’m hearing spring birdies in the morning, which means it’s time to get my head out of the sand and start posting again. Hopefully there will be no raccoon stories for you this spring. As much as I enjoyed last year’s nature encounter, I think all I’m willing to cohabitate with this season are a few discreet (and not too “meaty”) spiders.

Aside from general winter ennui, one reason I took a break from blogging is because I’ve been working on a third Cape novel. Unlike the first and, especially, the second, this is proving to be a difficult pregnancy. I’m hoping the baby will eventually come out fine, and without extra digits, bad acne or a pointed head.

Also, on June 1, my first young adult novel will be hitting bookstores. This one is set up around Boston rather than on the Cape. More on that soon but it’s exciting to be working in another genre. Remarkably, I had no problem tapping my inner 15-year-old. Actually, she’s been stepping out a lot lately. Some call it midlife crisis.

Last, thought I’d give you a little insight into the "World of Lynn," just to witness a master of rationalization at work. Take notes, ladies. This all took place in the span of one hour:

March has arrived…time to start thinking about promoting summer books, revisiting the blog, updating website, etc…time to start booking literary events, calls are coming in…time to think about what to wear to those literary events…What’s this in my inbox? Oh, an email for Diane von Furstenberg Vintage Collection spring dresses…OMG, look at that one! It’s perfect…But it’s pricy…But I like it…What the heck…But I really shouldn’t. After filling out the entire order form and staring at the screen for a while, at the last second, I abort (I do this a lot)…Moments later, an email from my publisher…She wants to talk about promoting the young adult book…Is this a cosmic sign to buy the dress?...I fill out the order form (thank God for autofill)…Once again, I seem to be riddled with trepidation, I mean I really don’t need this dress. I abort…Now I’m annoyed with myself. Screw it, I’m going to make lunch…I turn on The View…What!!?? Sherri Shepherd is wearing a top in THE EXACT SAME PRINT AS THE DRESS I’M OBSESSING OVER!!!!!!!!! That’s it! The universe has spoken. I mean, seriously, what are the odds? Surely, this is my sign. I have no choice now but to obey. I make a b-line for my laptop, fill out the order form for the third time and hit SEND. Far be it from me to mess with destiny (like Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau).

And so, thanks to a crystal clear and irrefutable cosmic mandate, you can look forward to seeing me this summer sporting the above frock, schlepping my books with uber vintage style. Who knows? I might meet my future husband in this dress. This one dress could change my life. (Oh, I’m good.) As for the literary events, who knows what I’ll talk about? But I know what I’m wearing!

Except for the shoes…

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